Vision and Mission


The vision of the Department Geophysical Engineering is to form a center of excellence for education programs of B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. levels and lead the national and international projects to solve engineering and scientific problems of the country and transfer the knowledge and expertise to the benefit of the students and the society.  


The mission of the Department of Geophysical Engineering is to produce graduates who possess the ability to complete at the national and international level, can associate their national identity with global values, to engage in continuous improvement,  to have a good command of technology, to be respectful towards environment, societal and ethical values, to be equipped with entrepreneurship and leadership qualities.

To carry out research studies in basic and applied science to create a breakthrough in national development, and to develop and support leading creative research groups and faculty working towards this goal.

To conduct research studies that will contribute to science and technology at the international level, to establish and support research groups and faculty to carry out such research activities and to develop and sustain the necessary infrastructure.